The Lion’s Peril

The Lion’s Peril

The two most important war logistics are ‘know yourself’ and ‘know your enemy’

General Leandros

But what if you don’t even know who you are?

When deadly assassins attack the house of the King's Lion, General Leandros sails to a faraway country to seek out those threatening the lives of the people he loves. The news that he is reported missing arrives at the moment the Eagle Empire realises that it is facing a new and terrible danger. Its only hope of vanquishing its foes is to find the General and bring him home.

The new elite force created by the King's Lion is sent on a perilous mission to rescue their commander. Standing in their way are a host of powerful enemies, foreseen by a legendary prophecy and aided by a mysterious mercenary leader with extraordinary strategic abilities. Who is this man, and what role will he choose to play in this epic conflict?

With the third book of the King's Lion saga, escape to a new and fascinating world filled with outlandish magic and breathtaking action where epic battles, powerful sorcery and spectacular duels are brought to life by a cast of compelling characters.

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