Why Basketball?

I have never liked the Christmas holidays, one of the reasons being that my basketball team takes time off during the festive season. So, when my partner saw me looking bored during Christmas 2012,
she suggested I try and write something.

I have played basketball since the age of 15, and I love it! I often picture offence in basketball as a kind of siege, where the attackers must drive the defenders off-balance and strike where and when they least expect it.

For this reason, I have always wanted to write a siege scene (but was too lazy to do it).
So one day, there I was writing down the scene that has existed ever since at the back of my mind.

Once I had the first draft ready, I found myself facing the unavoidable question.
Who are these people and why are they being attacked?

Before I knew it, I found myself in front of my screen again, writing what seemed to be a simple story. And then Leandros arrived.

Since a young age, I have felt passionate about strategy. I read the works of Sun Tzu, Julius Caesar,
Von Clausewitz, even Miyamoto Musashi. I studied the strategies of Von Moltke, Patton and Rommel, trying to imagine how they approached warfare. I even researched battles like Little Bighorn or Alexander’s battle of the Hydaspes.

Needless to say, I was playing PC strategy games. So, I guess the King’s Lion is, to a certain extent, a product of this interest. Several friends who read my books prior to publication have asked if I see myself in Leandros.

I believe that all my characters are products of my imagination, but they also reflect a small part of me. I had better stop here.

The next blog entry will be about the name of the Jabbar Desert (for basketball fans: yes, you guessed it).